Friday, October 30, 2009

Frigid Halloween Parade

♫ ♪ Dashing through the snow in a Halloween Parade ♪ ♫ Here we go again, a day in Telluride that gives anyone and everyone an excuse to dress up and look weirder than usual! The elementary kids always have a parade on Main Street on Halloween, so the parade was held a day early so it could be during school hours.
Weird Elvis! I've never seen a costume quite like this one before.
As you can see, the streets have been plowed but there is still some lingering snow and ice. You have to be tough to be a kid in Telluride! There are no "indoor recesses" here.
I thought the Jelly Belly costumes were really creative.
My favorite costume today was the jack-o-lantern on the right. The green monster behind him was pretty cool, too.
I am going to have to get Maralee to wear some more layers under her fairy costume for trick-or-treating.
Ajax even looked ghostly during the parade!


julie said...

These are the best costumes I have ever seen! Maralee looks like a "hip" fairy. Telluride is so much fun! :D

Barb said...

I loved seeing your Halloween parade, Lisa! Those kids must be freezing. I liked the child as table - I think I'd be able to manage a costume like that. I think Amanda is going to be a Fairy this year, too.

Ann Kochara said...

Hi Lisa,
I see I even made your blog! I'm the Dalmation holding Raggedy Ann's hand.
You'll have to stop by the preschool so I can meet you! I love all your pics and have suggested to my "followers" to take a peek at yours!

Lois said...

What a great tradition! I love the fairy costume too. My granddaughter is going as Tinkerbell, but since the temps have been in the 80's here this week, we don't have to worry about layers--just mosquitoes and rain!