Sunday, December 13, 2009

Savanna's Band Concert

Wednesday was Savanna's Christmas band concert. As you can see, the middle school band is pretty small. My camera didn't do so well with the lighting, but I did get a couple of good videos.
This one is The Little Drummer Boy. You can definitely hear Savanna since there are only three trombone players.

Santa's Rockin' Holiday Mix


EcoRover said...

That brings back memories! Savor every moment of it (as I'm sure you do). A friend's adult daughter recently moved back to town, we remember her performing with clarinet and in dance. She's still a performer: was part of a belly dancing troupe on the Christmas Stroll last week (brave costume on a subzero night, even though it was inside the courthouse).

Barb said...

Hi Lisa,
I really enjoyed Savanna's Christmas band concert videos! Today Telluride, tomorrow American Idol! I like the way she taps out the beat with her right foot. That glittery top and head decoration are festive, too! Nice!