Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Break Fun


It's a rare occasion that we are all dressed up at the same time, so we took advantage of that for pictures on Christmas Eve!
Jay's mom flew up to stay with us for two weeks over Christmas break. It's the first time we have had a relative visit for Christmas.
This was actually three days after Christmas, but I drove Barbara to see the very frozen Bridal Veil Falls. It was about 20 degrees, but colder weather and more snow expected for the rest of this week!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Savanna and the High School Band

This has been an exciting year for Savanna in band since the eighth graders have been included in the high school band. They had a wonderful concert last week. Below is Savanna in front of the Christmas tree in the Palm Theatre. As you can see above, I didn't have a good seat for taking photos! We sat way too close to the stage. Luckily Sol Chase is in the band so his dad, local photographer Merrick Chase, was there and was working his magic with his camera. Merrick's website is Telluride Photography. Merrick was super nice in letting me share his photos when I e-mailed him and asked if he had any photos of the trombone section. Check out Savanna's reindeer antlers! She is keeping all of the other trombone players in line, too. The photographer's son, Sol, is seen on the left playing bass guitar. If you have been to any of the festivals in Telluride, chances are you saw Sol performing around town with mandolin and singing. He is quite talented!

Mr. Gillett has done a great job since becoming the new band teacher. I look forward to their spring concert when Savanna says they will be performing a lot of Beatles songs.

Maralee's Christmas Music

We bought Maralee a beautiful new dress to wear in her Christmas concert at school. She just loves to get a new dress and shoes!

The Incredible Westward Movement Musical

Maralee was in a great play which included all of the fourth grade. They have been learning about the Westward movement and this was a great way to make learning fun! Maralee was a little pioneer girl. She is below in her floppy brown bonnet.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bighorn Sheep

We see bighorn sheep every time we travel on state highway 114, just east of Gunnison. I make sure we travel that way every time we are headed to Oklahoma! It's a narrow winding road, but totally worth it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

November Sledding

Maralee is so good at sledding, she can go backwards!


Savanna played an exciting game of basketball on Saturday. We were tied with Dolores 16-16 even after going into overtime twice! Those girls were working hard but they were destined to be tied that day.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maralee's First 5K

We left at 6 a.m. yesterday for Grand Junction where Maralee ran in her first 5K. She has been in the fall program called Girls on the Run after school two days a week. This is a great program for pre-teens promoting a healthy lifestyle, self-awareness and self-respect.
The girls and coaches were warming up here. You can see that the Canyon View Park is in a pretty place.
Maralee is somewhere in this crowd at the beginning of the race.
Maralee actually missed running after school this week because of allergies and coughing. She still wasn't feeling 100% on Saturday, but she still pushed herself to finish the race.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Scenes

Here are several pictures taken over the last few days. This first jack-o-lantern was Savanna's carving and the second one was Garrett's.
Friday was the kids' Halloween parade. This is Maralee with her teacher that she had last year, Ms. Milord.
Maralee has always tried to win a cake at the Harvest Festival's cake walk, and this year she finally did!