Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snickers the Porcupine

Tuesday I was so excited to see the porcupine when I was skiing to lift 12! Since last year I found out his name is Snickers. He was out begging people for food all day. He doesn't appear to have missed any meals!
We passed the camera back and forth to get pictures of him. He couldn't make up his mind if he liked me, Jay or our friend Rick. None of us were feeding him, though, so he moved on to beg someone else.
Snickers managed to score a big chunk of someone's Clif bar.
Here are some more random photos from skiing recently. The first one is while we were riding lift 12. Rick was one seat ahead of us.
Snow clouds over Wilson Peak.
Wilson Peak from lift 12.
Me and Jay.
High Camp Warming Hut.
I took of video of Snickers!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowboard World Cup in Telluride

Last month Telluride hosted the Snowboard World Cup. These competitions were for the athletes to qualify for the Winter Olympics. I thought I should share a few photos here even though I'm a little late getting around to it.
Since I was working during most of the World Cup, I only made it up to the Snowboardcross on the last day. Lindsey Jacobellis is here in the blue pants.
I totally missed getting a picture of Lindsey Jacobellis' face, but that is her in the blue pants. She won this competition.
I feel bad, but I don't know the names of the other athletes. I got some decent shots with my little camera.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Skiing Again

We finally got everything moved and our old apartment cleaned in time for all five of us to ski together before school started again. Maralee was excited to try out her new skis! She also got poles from Santa to use just for fun when she is with us. They still don't use poles in her lessons at Ski PE. Savanna is the occasional skier and is doing great. She snowboarded 10 full days during Christmas break.
Garrett is usually way ahead of me!
We skied the Meadows for awhile waiting for lift 10 to open. It was closed for over an hour due to some technical diffulty. Savanna wasn't too excited to go back to school, but the first day back Maralee had Ski PE and Garrett started a new ISP class in filming, so they were both happy!

It was good to be on lift 10 again.