Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snickers the Porcupine

Tuesday I was so excited to see the porcupine when I was skiing to lift 12! Since last year I found out his name is Snickers. He was out begging people for food all day. He doesn't appear to have missed any meals!
We passed the camera back and forth to get pictures of him. He couldn't make up his mind if he liked me, Jay or our friend Rick. None of us were feeding him, though, so he moved on to beg someone else.
Snickers managed to score a big chunk of someone's Clif bar.
Here are some more random photos from skiing recently. The first one is while we were riding lift 12. Rick was one seat ahead of us.
Snow clouds over Wilson Peak.
Wilson Peak from lift 12.
Me and Jay.
High Camp Warming Hut.
I took of video of Snickers!


Barb said...

Hi Lisa, Snickers made my day! I'm glad you're not feeding him though. I've seen porcupines at Breck but no "tame" ones. The Thurs I skied before my HA, a Bull and a female moose were closeby the Mercury Lift. They were there all morning within sight of the lift, though in a roped-off area. Of course, they could come onto the trail at any time! I heard that the next week, a snowboarder got trampled when he came too close to one unaware!

I think you have more snow at Telluride than we do in Summit.

Richard said...

He is a little more friendly than the one we saw.