Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Few More Pics

Since Jay and Rick have had the same days off for a few weeks, it's been nice to have someone to ski with and take turns taking pictures. Usually Jay and I ski and if he wants to do something harder we go our separate ways for a bit. Rick took this photo of us at the top of lift 6 on See Forever.
Being silly.
Maralee looking good.
Jay going fast again.
Jay took the next two photos when he and Garrett did Chute 1 on Monday. Garrett is sitting on the goat path in the first photo. The chutes are for experts only, and Jay says that Garrett actually does better than him. Garrett makes snowboarding look easy.

1 comment:

DaveO said...

Great photos!
I wanted to come up this coming week, but broke my big toe :-( It's feeling better, so hopefully it will be soon before the snow starts changing conditions with warmer temps coming.