Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spending a Little Time on Last Dollar Road

The month of May so far has been cloudy, windy, cold, dusty, boring and just plain uninspiring to do anything outside. Everyone was so thrilled to see a sunny warm day today. We were excited to drive up Last Dollar Road to see one of our favorite views. The aspens are still waiting for leaves.
We were sure we could get through the mud and this little patch of snow.
Uh oh, this guy had to get out of his Land Rover and dig a little bit, but we all made it through this area of snow okay which was slightly downhill, but that also meant we had to turn around pretty soon and drive back up it.
Sure enough we got stuck. The Land Rover was still able to move around, so thank goodness we had a rope and they could pull us back several times until Jay was able to get over the snow. Unfortunately we had all emptied our cars of our shovels and both wives were wearing sandals. In our defense, we didn't know our husbands would be taking us through the snow today!
Thank goodness we made it out of there and didn't end up like this elk.
I was so happy to get out of there, but unfortunately the Land Rover was stuck really bad. We had to go home for Jay to get the CJ to go back and winch them out. I stayed home during that part of the adventure so I don't have any photos, but everyone did make it back to town intact without any damage to our vehicles. I guess we need to have a little more patience in waiting for the snow to melt, but at least the day wasn't boring!


Barb said...

Lisa - you'd better keep boots in the car!

EcoRover said...

Yikes! I might take the box of tire chains out for summer, but a come-along & shovel live in the Toy P.Up & Rover.

4WD Short Course (a post I did awhile back):

Lisa Wilson said...

Yeah, well we all knew better, but I think it ended up being fun for the guys, LOL>