Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The 37th Annual Bluegrass Festival

This year's Bluegrass Festival brought a lot of big names that I missed like Alison Krauss, Lyle Lovett, Bela Fleck and Court Yard Hounds (the sisters from the Dixie Chicks). I only went to the festival on Sunday, but that was okay because the big name was Brandi Carlile who I'm a big fan of! Savanna and Maralee bought shirts at Mama’s Home Tie-Dyes and had their picture taken for the website. This store is usually here for Bluegrass and Blues and Brews and belongs to a nice family from Albuquerque.
This was the view from our chairs. We didn't sit very close so we could get to the kids area easily. It didn't hurt to be this close to the food, either! (Or did it?)
Maralee did some of her own face painting.
Time to line up for the childrens' parade.
The pirates of Bluegrass.
Childrens' group picture.
I get most of my festival food at Sisters’ Pantry. I recommend everything there! The owners are super nice people from Boulder.
That's me with my mother-in-law, Barbara on my right. Check out the hula hooper behind me.
Savanna with a Chinese yo-yo.
These are the only close-up shots that I got. At Bluegrass they don't allow anyone to stand in front of the stage, you have to be walking through, so I would very quickly stop and take photos. These are the Drepung Monks from Tibet.
Vaasen from Sweden.
Here are a few shots of Brandi Carlile and her band. Her voice is as great live as it is recorded. Her song "The Story" is one of my favorite songs ever.
This was the crowd behind me during Brandi Carlile. It had been a long, warm day in the sun with all of these bodies baking. Word is that the town emptied out $5,000 (yes, that's $5,000.00) of quarters out of the town park showers. Great to hear that a good number of people were bathing this year!!
Maralee tired and winding down at the end of the day.
When we went home I noticed that the sky was turning pink in the east. It was a pretty end to a good day.


Barb said...

I loved your day from beginning to end. Those girls are so pretty in their tie-dyes! What a crowd Telluride had - good for your businesses. I think Breck is getting busy, too - I try not to get in the thick of things, but I did notice lots of people at the market today!

EcoRover said...

What a great time! I love music festivals & have wanted to hear Lovett live for a long, long time. "If I had a pony..."