Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Day For a Hike...Or Two

Jay and his mom went on a rafting trip down the San Miguel River today. I chickened out when I heard it was a class 4, plus there were only two more seats left for the trip. I still wanted to be outside so I thought I would hike for awhile toward Bridal Veil Falls. Hang in there!
The snow is melting like crazy with our warm temperatures this week, so Ingram Falls and Bridal Veil have both been flowing wild.
The avalanche on Ajax Peak in March really did some damage on the road to Bridal Veil. There's no way to drive up there right now.
Ingram Falls with the Black Bear Mill tiny and hard to see on the right of the falls.
My legs were toast after hiking Jud Wiebe in the morning, so this is as far as I got on the Bridal Veil hike.


Barb said...

Great pics, Lisa! That avalanche did a lot of damage. I wouldn't go on the river now if you paid me - too wild and wooly! Hope everyone is home safely.

Lois said...

I'll bet you slept well last night after all that hiking! What a beautiful day.

motoroz said...

Awesome. Makes me wish we were riding up to Telluride this year. Oh well, we will have to plan another trip up.