Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jeep Season

Our first Jeep trail of the year was last week over Ophir Pass. It has been open for a few weeks now but it still had plenty of snow at the top!
Some of the mountains over Ophir with one of the avalanche paths on the left.
The shelf road was in the same good condition as the years before.
Savanna and Jay's mom were walking on the road here while Jay climbed up on top of the snow on the right.
Can you see the marmot?
San Juan County side of the pass, on our way to Silverton.
We arrived in Silverton at the same time as the train.
I've always wanted to take a photo in front of the Durango Silverton train. This way was much less dramatic than if I had hopped out on the tracks as it came through a canyon.
For some reason the Legend of Bigfoot Museum and Gallery is always closed when we are in Silverton.
We also drove up to Animas Forks, but I'll post those photos in a separate post. This is another shot of the shelf road of Ophir Pass as we drove back home.


EcoRover said...

Amazing that road doesn't slide off the hill.

EcoRover said...

Great old mining camp pics--tough life. Looking at the Bigfoot Museum makes me feel like I'm in a Tom Robbins novel.