Monday, June 7, 2010

Surfing the San Miguel River

Our neighbor made a board to surf the river attached to the bridge and it was a big hit this weekend! I think the surfing started around 8:45 a.m. yesterday and there were still people on the board the last time I looked last night. Jay and Garrett wanted to try it, and I shouldn't have been surprised that Savanna wanted to do it, too. Look Mom, no hands!
Savanna was a natural! Since the water is freezing cold, I didn't want to try it at all. I just stood on the bridge and took photos.
Jay wanted to float the river from the park to our condo, and he talked our neighbor into going. The river was rising fast yesterday with the temperature in the 80's.
Unfortunately Jay's inner tube popped from a tree branch and he had to get out at the gondola and walk, but our neighbor made it the whole way in the river.
Sadly I messed up Savanna's video, but you can see about two seconds of her launching here.


Lois said...

I think I would have stayed on the bridge with you instead of in that cold water! I love that last shot and the way the light looks shining on the water going under the bridge.

Barb said...

Lisa - that water must be running fast and cold! I can't believe your kids can stay in it.

Richard said...

That is hilarious. I bet that water was cold.

DaveO said...

Lisa, this is a fantastic set of photos and video! I'm quite impressed with the surfriding on the San Miguel. Years ago, i remember some guys doing this in Delores on their creek passing thru, but the sport faded into history. Maybe you all just revitalized this form of surfing, and will catch on as a new sport in telluride :-)