Sunday, June 6, 2010

Telluride Balloon Festival

After the windy and dusty spring that we have had, it is truly amazing that the balloons were able to fly during the Telluride Balloon Festival this weekend. It is the first time they were able to fly in a few years because there has to be perfect wind conditions in the box canyon. Saturday morning we woke up to see the balloons flying west out of the Town Park. Bumpy the balloon certainly had a bumpy ride! It went through the tree tops and slight hit a roof before landing on Mahoney Drive.
Bumpy is from Lafayette, Colorado.
My favorite is the Koshare balloon from Gallup, New Mexico. A Koshare is an impish clown seen in ceremonies of Pueblo Indian tribes.
On the right is Hamlet the "World's Largest Flying Pig."
The weather has also been perfect for paragliding.
Bumpy the balloon landed in our parking lot and they were nice enough to give the kids a tethered ride. Maralee was extremely excited. I was inside working, but Barbara (my mother-in-law) got some great pictures.
For awhile after this ride, I thought Maralee was at our neighbor's house, but she was out getting tethered rides from two other balloons that landed on the Valley Floor. I don't know of any other place we could live where we could misplace our child for awhile due to her being in a hot air balloon! What an awesome weekend!

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