Saturday, June 19, 2010

Telluride Wild West and Heritage Fests

Last week was the annual Telluride Wild West Fest and the second Heritage Festival followed up on the weekend. The only thing I was able to attend for the Wild West Fest was at the Sheridan Opera House when Shelton Johnson was speaking. Shelton is a Yosemite National Park ranger and was featured in the Ken Burns National Parks series on PBS. The Wild West Fest brings in a big group of inner city kids to give them experiences they wouldn't have otherwise, and Shelton mainly spoke to them. Shelton is very inspirational and makes you want to visit a National Park or head into the wilderness right away! He wrote a book called Gloryland that is about the Buffalo Soldiers in Yosemite National Park. I managed to snag it at the library and am getting ready to read it.
Next up was the Heritage Festival on Saturday. There was a reenactment of Butch Cassidy's first bank robbery at noon at the original location of the San Miguel Valley Bank, which is now the location of Appaloosa Trading Company. First the stagecoach came to town making the money drop at the bank.
Then Butch Cassidy and his gang came along and robbed the bank.
A big part of Telluride's heritage is the Ute Indians. These dancers came from the Ouray reservation in Utah. The hoop dancer is a world champion!
The warrior dance.
The 7-year-old dancer was adorable, and really good!
It was only about 45 degrees, rainy and windy on that day, so these people were probably comfortable.
Maralee waiting in line for the next stagecoach ride.
Barbara and I also went on the Marshal's Office law enforcement tour with Jay's co-worker Detective John Wontrobski. I took this photo inside the original Telluride jail that is now located in the park.
Here are a few videos of things you don't see in Telluride everyday. I thought my dad would like all of these and I hope he has a great Father's Day!!


Barb said...

Hope you didn't get locked into that jail! Nice post about Telluride's recent activities. I have been gardening - no more snow since last weekend.

EG Wow said...

I think you westerners really know how to have FUN!

EcoRover said...

Cool Ute fancy dancers--bet they were glad for the cooler weather too.