Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best Day Ever For Imogene Pass

When we left Governor Basin on Monday, we had enough time to go home over Imogene Pass. It has been open for a few weeks and we hadn't been on it yet.
Slowly climbing up on the Ouray side of the pass.
There is still some snow up there.
This is the most amazing view of the Red Mountains. Recently a guy that has lived in Silverton all of his life told us that a tourist asked him if people got up there and painted the mountains red. Really?! I think some people need to Google their questions before they say them out loud. I guess you could say God painted those mountains red with iron oxide.
I zoomed in on Red Mountain Pass way below. The Yankee Girl Mine is tiny there on the left.
Ptarmigan Lake is still surrounded by snow.
The reason I said this was the best day ever for Imogene Pass was because it was near perfect weather! I don't ever remember a time being on the summit like this day. It was pretty warm and not windy. The sky was so clear you could see forever. The Telluride airport is in the middle of this photo.
Looking back again at the Ouray side of the pass.
If you look closely you can see the ski tracks from the Lunar Cup in Savage Basin at the end of June.
Garrett missed this epic Jeeping day because he is in Oklahoma, and Maralee didn't want to get out of the car at the summit. We had an extra seat so Savanna's friend Bailey came along.
Silly Savanna.
We were playing around for so long on the summit that Maralee finally got out of the car carrying Bruce the marmot.
Bruce the marmot got in the mailbox that I assume is from this being the site of Fort Peabody.
Heading down to Telluride I had to take a picture of my favorite red spot that you can see as you drive into Telluride.
Driving into the Tomboy ghost town.
Most of the buildings have collapsed in Tomboy, but this one is still looking pretty good.
The Black Bear Pass switchbacks and Bridal Veil Falls come into view. Black Bear Pass opened last week. We might wait until Jay's dad and Garrett get here to drive it again.
The Social Tunnel.
The shelf road that makes your Jeep want to hug the mountain.
This part of the road always seems to be a little washed out.
Almost home!


Lois said...

Wow you really did have a gorgeous day! Those pictures are making me want to visit Telluride again. I'm hoping I can talk my daughter into letting me come and bring my grandson with me on one of our vacations, but she doesn't want me to put him on a plane just yet!

EcoRover said...

Awesome pics and fun kids. I've seen Ptarmigan in Glacier and supposedly they're in the high country here though I've never seen them. Hope you find some!

Barb said...

Hi Lisa, I'm so glad you can take me along via the blog - I'm not sure I want to actually drive through those snowfields and along the sheer drop-offs! However, Jay seems to be an excellent driver, so I guess I'm in good hands.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos :0)