Friday, July 2, 2010

Devils Lane to Chesler Park and the Joint Trail

A fun side trip from Elephant Hill in the Needles of Canyonlands is to drive south x southwest on Devils Lane to Chesler Park and the Joint Trail. Much of the road is easy and 4-wheel drive isn't needed except for one obstacle.
The one obstacle on this trail is known as S.O.B. Hill. You have to make a perfect 90 degree left turn at this sharp rock on the left with a steep hill on the other side.
As much as I would have loved to hike all the way to the Druid Arch during this trip, we kept our hiking short since it was so hot and Maralee didn't like hiking for very long. The Joint Trail hike was only 0.6 miles one way.
Views from the trail.
There are a lot of cool, dead, twisted trees in the Needles. Also you have to be careful not to step on the cryptobiotic soil while on the trails since it takes years to repair itself.
At the end of the trail, not only is there a slot canyon but what appears to be a huge shrine to cairns. This was Savanna's favorite part.
Maralee's favorite part was the slot canyons.
Heading back to the Elephant Hill trail means going over S.O.B. Hill again.
A perfect 90 degree angle turn is needed on the right of the Jeep here.
Othe side of Devils Lane there is a wall of Ancestral Puebloan pictographs.
This side trip takes some time, but it is well worth it!


Lois said...

Beautiful place! I was in Utah about ten years ago and your pictures are making me want to go back and see more.

Richard said...

Very neat pics Lisa. Looks like a nice trip. I love the shot going into the slot canyon, makes me thin of "Journey To The Center Of The Earth."