Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Governor Basin

On Monday we finally made it up into Governor Basin. I haven't been on this trail in 28 years! For one reason or another, we just haven't made it up there since living in Telluride. We've been to Yankee Boy Basin plenty of times, though. On this trip I didn't get a decent picture of the trailhead sign, so this is one from three years ago.
Governor Basin is rated difficult, but really the quality of the road isn't any worse than the rough places on Imogene Pass. I think what gives it a difficult rating is that the road is narrow which can scare people on the tippy spots.
That toothy looking ridge is the St. Sophia Ridge. When I was in this basin when I was 14 our Jeep tour guide called it "Sophie's Teeth." That's Mount Emma on the right and Mendota Peak is on the left somewhere over there, though I didn't get a good picture of it.
We left the Jeep to hike up to where the trail ends.
There were wildflowers everywhere, but I only saw one Columbine. I guess they are slower in blooming this year. Still, the Indian Paintbrush were pretty!
Savanna, Bailey, Maralee and Jay under the St. Sophia Ridge.
I think that's the Humbolt Mine.
Another shot of the St. Sophia Ridge, which is fascinating to me because Telluride is right on the other side!
The Virginius Mine.
Check out the Mountain Top Mine boarding house! The elevation here is over 12,000 feet. I can't imagine living and working here.
Probably the best view of all is looking way down at Yankee Boy Basin. Twin Falls looks tiny from here and that's Potosi Peak in the center. I wanted to drive into Yankee Boy, but there was a long line of Jeeps that day. I guess people that were visiting over the 4th of July stuck around for a great Jeeping day!


Richard said...

I think I just added that trail on my to do list. Lovely pictures Lisa.

Lois said...

Absolutely gorgeous as always Lisa! It's amazing that they could even build that boarding house up there, much less live in it.

Tony said...

Very cool, we got SNOW on the 4th where we were camped/riding!
I love seeing old buildings and such, and the scenery is awesome.

DaveO said...

As usual Lisa, beauty of the San Juans captured in all its glory :-)

Barb said...

I'd love to hike ay up there someday, Lisa. Your photos are awesome and really show distance and depth. What I really like is seeing your whole Family up there with you!

EcoRover said...

It's surprising the Forest Service (or BLM?) keeps all those roads open. Here there's been a tendency to maintain major trunk roads but let many degrade into "ATV only" trails.

zukiwill said...

My girlfriend and I tried going to Governor Basin today. We turned around because we saw a big rockslide just ahead of us. It didn't hit the trail, but we didn't want to chance getting hit or struck. Beautiful, quiet area.