Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello Cherokee, Good-bye CJ!

Garrett spent a month in Oklahoma at Jay's dad's fixing up his first car, a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Jim and our nephew Josh drove it up here on a trailer last week and brought Garrett back home. It's a fun Jeep to drive and is actually the kind I've always liked more than the red Grand Cherokee we used to have. Garrett is way excited.
We also loaded up the CJ-7 and Jay's Triumph Spirit to send them back to Oklahoma with Jim to sell. Hopefully the CJ's final destination will be the family's home who we bought the CJ from four years ago.
Even though Jay already has some new toys in mind to buy, it was a little sad to let the CJ go. Here it is on Tomboy Road three years ago.
We actually used to be able to cram all three of the kids in the back seat of that Jeep. This was when we did Engineer pass three years ago.
On that same trip we ended up doing Black Bear Pass in the dark, something we'll never forget. A mud slide had taken out the entrance to Ophir Pass, the way we planned to get home from Silverton, and since the CJ is so scary to drive on Red Mountain Pass, it was actually safer to drive home over Black Bear in the dark. I mean, really you have to stay on the road no matter what, so that shouldn't sound like a scary road at night, right?

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Lois said...

Going over that pass sounds scary to me in the daytime, but I would do it anyway! Congrats to your son on his new wheels. What an exciting time for him. I remember when my oldest kid started driving and I've always said it was the most traumatic part of my parenting experience!