Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Telluride's 4th of July Parade

The street was packed with people for the parade on Sunday. We had perfect weather!
I watched the parade straight across the street from the courthouse. These are the Veterans lined up at the beginning of the parade. Jay was working so he didn't get to march with them, but they did announce his name.
Maralee's teacher was a judge this year. Ms. Milord is third from the left.
Savanna got in the parade at the last minute to help out with a banner.
Uncle Sam the Snowman won the grand prize.
Womens' Lib Killed Chivalry.
As always several floats had kids squirting the crowd with water.
The women of Popcorn Alley. If you don't know what Popcorn Alley in Telluride was, I'll let you Google it yourself.
After the parade we had three awesome F16 flyovers by the Air Force. Click here for a video on YouTube of the F16s flying over Telluride. The third F16 flying over was amazing and had people all excited and some screaming.


Barb said...

Lisa, Telluride looks as though it was packed for the 4th and so was Breckenridge. I love that Savanna got to march! There's nothing like a small town 4th.

Richard said...

Looks like a great place to spend the 4th. Nice pictures Lisa. I am not too sure about the guy carrying the Women's Lib banner though! He needs counseling I think.

Lois said...

What a great day! I did watch the video of the F16's and that last one was a little scary. My brother-in-law used to fly those little jets years ago when he was in the Air Force and he loved flying over the mountains.