Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wilson Jeeping Day Part 2

Next up for our Jeeping day we drove home on Black Bear Pass. It opened a few weeks ago but we hadn't been on it yet this year. This first photo is looking down at highway 550, the Million Dollar Highway. As you can see, I was in the backseat again so Jim could sit up front.
There were several marmots to greet us at the summit.
Garrett is a few inches taller than me now.
Our nephew Josh, Garrett, Jay's dad Jim and Jay.
This is where the fun begins, on the steps.
Looking down at Bridal Veil Falls.
Ingram Falls and the Black Bear Mill, a good place to get out and play.
I can't even tell what Josh is standing on here.
While the guys were climbing around, I walked up to a bunch of Columbines when I saw this freaky moth. It's a white-lined Sphinx and looks like a cross between a moth and a hummingbird. It wasn't scared of me and I just kept taking pictures of it. It was pretty fascinating.
That's Jim and our Jeep below the Black Bear Mill.
Jay is behind the waterfall here, but you can barely see him since he had on a brown shirt.
Jay and Jim were checking out the road while Garrett and Josh climbed around. This area of the road was actually quite a bit wider than it has been in years. We guessed that the road crews must have had to build the roads up to get a dozer up here to repair the damage from the avalanche in March. If there ever was an "easy" year to do Black Bear, this is it! This pass is scary enough that we don't know very many people that have been over it that live in Telluride. No joke--a couple of years ago we found someone's dirty shorts laying on the rocks near Ingram Falls.
Climbing around the waterfall doesn't really count unless you get your feet wet.
The sun was really shining on Bridal Veil Falls by the time we got to the bottom of it.
At the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls, we ran into some of Josh's friends from Oklahoma that he knew were somewhere in the area that day. Lana was kind enough to share this photo with me that she took before we left. I indirectly knew Lana from Facebook and made the connection that she is the photographer that Jay's sis knows. Lana's website is Shutter By Me and she also has a fan page on Facebook. She's an awesome photographer, so check out her photos!
Video of Ingram Falls.


DaveO said...

This is a very spectacular and exciting photo post, Lisa...very good! And with bathing practices a rare commodity for many in Telluride, I'm sure Ingram falls is a popular spot to take a shower :-p

Lois said...

Cool video Lisa. I'm sure once I show it to my grandson, he will be wanting me to find a waterfall for him to stand under! I'll be sure to check out that photography website too.

Barb said...

So many great photos, Lisa. I'm amazed at the dropoffs Jay is driving through! Yikes! I love your photos of the hummingbird moth drinking from the Columbine - I haven't seen one of those giant moths in years. Next time, Jay must wear a colorful shirt.

Tote said...

LOL, you found dirty shorts?!

Lisa Wilson said...

Yes, it's true. Hopefully the guy had an extra pair to wear. HAHA!!

EcoRover said...

Glad I checked over here at your other blog for some more high country Jeepster pics.