Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jeeping to Creede

We took advantage of the last week before schools starts by getting out of town for some camping. We had always wanted to drive from Silverton to Creede over Stony Pass and camp along the way. I didn't take very many photos because it was raining for much of the drive. There was one place where the road was flooded from beavers building a dam. Jay got out and waded in it to make sure we could cross. The rangers at the Forest Service office in Creede said that the county had already cleaned out that beaver dam twice recently.
We saw a bald eagle on the cliff at the Rio Grande Reservoir.
Our campsite at the Thirty Mile Campground was right beside the Rio Grande River.
We had our own crying alien skull rock.
The Rio Grande River, fifth longest river in North America.
The kids were having a lot of fun playing at the river. In case you are wondering, Maralee has Bruce the marmot on her head here.
There was a doe and her two fawns running around the campground.
Driving the rest of the way to Creede on Forest Road #520.
The small and cool town of Creede.
We drove a little bit of the way up Creede's Bachelor Historic Tour Loop. We didn't complete the loop because we were ready to finish our drive up to the Wheeler Geologic Area.

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Julie said...

The eagle and the alien are quite some finds! What a great trip!