Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Springs Resort & Spa

The best idea I ever had was to end our camping trip at the hot springs in Pagosa Springs. Now that we finally went there, I'm really sad that it's three hours away! As much as I enjoy going to the springs in Ouray, I love Pagosa's more. I took these first couple of evening shots when we ate dinner the night before we actually went to the springs.
In front of The Springs Resort Hotel you can stop for a big game of chess.
Maralee enjoyed the plain family pool.
There are 23 soaking mineral pools. Two of them are for adults only for a place to get away from noisy kids.
Each soaking pool has a name and has the most current temperature posted. The staff goes around with a thermometer and change the degrees signs when needed.
Check out the temperature of the Lobster Pot-110 degrees! I could only get my feet into this one.
The resort sits right on the San Juan River and there are steps down to the river for those bold enough to get into the cold water. The river was 60 degrees the day we were there, actually pretty warm.
Savanna and Garrett in the Waterfall pool.
The "mother" spring is named the Great Pagosa Aquafier and at its surface the temperature is around 131 degrees. The temperature of the soaking pools is controlled by how fast they let the water flow into them.
Jay, Garrett and Savanna did get into the river a few times.
Lastly, this is my favorite pool with the big waterfall, Serendipity.


Oz said...

Did not stay at there but, we rafted by the resort last year when we took our 1/2 day rafting trip. It looks like a great place to stay.

Lois said...

What a beautiful resort. Those hot springs are quite opposite from the springs we have here in Florida where the year round water temp is about 70 degrees and way too cold for me even in the summer! I think I would love sitting in one of those warm soaking pools.

D. West Davies said...

Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures. Check out my website for great Pagosa Springs pictures & videos.