Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wolf Creek Pass

Last week for the first time in 12 years we drove over Wolf Creek Pass. It's one of my favorite paved passes in Colorado, so I'm not sure why we haven't driven that way since we've lived here. Maralee really likes driving through tunnels and snow sheds.
It was raining so hard we didn't even stop at the summit sign at 10,850 feet. We did pull over to look at the ski area, though. The Wolf Creek ski area doesn't have as impressive terrain as Telluride, but they get the most snow in the state every winter, over 100 inches more than we get in Telluride. Plus the lift tickets are about half the price as they are here. I'm sure we'll eventually get down there to ski sometime. We just hardly ever leave Telluride in the winter after buying season passes.
I always say that my dad has taken enough photos from this overlook to make a flipbook out of them. It's a great place to get out of the car and just look around for awhile. In 1993 when Jay and I were at this overlook in our old Isuzu Trooper, the starter went out and we ended up having some guys push us back out onto the highway since it was a 5-speed and Jay could get it started. That was a trip we'll never forget!
When I was a teenager my little brother built an airplane and saved it for almost a whole year to bring up here. He planned to watch it soar all the way down to Pagosa Springs. We were so careful in the car so as not to crunch or mess up the airplane. Unfortunately the wind picked up and immediately crashed Ryan's airplane onto the rocks here. :(
A little ways from the overlook there is a short hike up to Treasure Falls.
This overlook has a view back up to the overlook that we just came from.


Barb said...

Treasure Falls is wonderful. I've been over Wolf Creek Pass many times but have never made it to the falls. I'm glad Garrett was wearing a red shirt!

motoroz said...

Wolf Crk Pass and overlook are awesome. I have a lot of pics from the overlook. It is a great view, one of the best in the state that I know of. Treasure Falls is also great.