Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skiing Weekend

We enjoyed the three day weekend with the kids by skiing despite the un-perfect weather. Maralee was brave enough to ride up lift 7 with Jay on Sunday. This is our Pastor Tree Cooper holding the Mountaintop Church service at the top of lift 7.

I think Maralee is the best at posing for a ski photo.

Here comes Savanna, gracefully and quickly skiing toward me with Garrett close behind.

She got a little close and I thought she was going to crash into me! But it did make for a cool photo.

Garrett went on by and sat down like snowboarders do.

"Sorry Mom!"

Maralee and Jay then followed. Maralee is doing great this year and is way braver than I am. She is doing the black diamond runs like Coonskin and Log Pile this year in Ski PE. I still stick to the blues.

Savanna and Garrett were behind us on lift 10. It was a strange day with a very sleety snow. At one point the snow became like solid white Dippin Dots. The most enjoyable thing about January is feeling like we have the whole ski area to ourselves, never a lift line during this month!

We stopped for lunch at La Pizzeria in Mountain Village, next door to La Piazza. After a couple of traditional Italian pizzas and their delicious gelato, we were ready to head out again!


DaveO said...

Nice way to spend a Sunday!
I haven't been out much for several days, due to a flu and college. That will change this weekend.

Barb said...

Maralee looks so cute with all her pink accents (poles, too!). Mom - you'd better get going - those kids are going places on the slopes. (Places marked with double diamonds!) So cold here in Breck right now, but the snow just keeps coming.

Julie said...

Your kids are rippin'! What fun! I love the angled shot when Savanna got too close! :)

Jacob said...

What a lovely set of photos. Looks like a great day. Can't imagine you had to go to church, though! Golly, some clergy will go to any lengths to get people in church! ;-)

Funny about your son having the same tee shirt as the kid in the wheelchair...and thanks for the link on the railroad. I did read it, and obviously it didn't get to Leadville...