Tuesday, February 15, 2011

See Forever

Hope you're ready to see lots of photos from today! It was an amazing day at 50 degrees and barely a cloud in the sky. It is rare that I want to ride up lift 14, but the conditions were perfect and there weren't many people on the mountain today. I tend to get a little nervous at the top of lift 14, out in the wide open above tree line wearing skis. It doesn't make any sense that I don't get scared in places like this in our Jeep in the summer, does it? It's great that the ski area has an intermediate run that begins up here.
This is the reason that this ski run that is almost 3 miles long is called See Forever.
No trees up here!
Looking back at the top of lift 15 (for Revelation Bowl) I liked the clouds above. That's Palmyra Peak on the right.
The fancy Alpino Vino, at 11,996 feet.
X marks the spot.
We had lunch at Gorrono Beach. I had the shrimp and corn off of the grill in front of me here.
Lift 4 was right behind us.
After lunch I wanted to go up and ski See Forever again. I waited while Jay did a run into Revelation Bowl.
That's me, just hanging around at 12,225 feet.
Revelation Bowl is so big I can't fit the whole thing into one photo.
Looking back one more time at the top of lift 15, the only lift I haven't ridden since I won't ski the black runs in Revelation Bowl.
Way down there we could see the cemetary which is on the east side of Telluride. In the red above the cemetary we could make out Tomboy Road which leads up to Imogene Pass.
A zoomed in view shows the cemetary in the center of that notch at the bottom of the photo.
What a way to spend a day! More cold weather and snow are moving in just in time for us to get back to work.

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Barb said...

Hi Lisa, Great photos of a spectacular ski day! I can't believe I've never skied Telluride. The bowl looks wonderful! I saw on the news last night that a winter blizzard is due to hit you tonight. Bundle up!