Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Skiing

It was super warm today so we headed up to ski after church this morning. Tree was holding Mountaintop Church at the top of lift 7 when we got there.
Savanna went zooming by yelling at me despite church going on nearby. Oops!
Jay and Garrett dropped off of Polar Queen to do the new run Gold Rush.
I could see all the way to the La Sal Mountains easily today.
I had Jay take a picture of Garrett and I since we are the two that are on my blog the least.
I was skiing a simple green run off of lift 12 when I had an unexpected encounter with a lynx. I nearly skiied into him!! It didn't seem to bother him, though. He just calmy walked up the ski run and then into the trees.
Later Jay and Garrett skied into the trees and found the lynx just laying down in the snow. Jay took some photos with his phone but they didn't turn out very well.
This is Jay on Coonskin skiing under lift 7 while I was riding down.
Almost home!


DaveO said...

Fantastic photos,Lisa! Your encounter with the lynx is a once in a lifetime-opportunity to spot one, especially that close! Did you see a radio collar on it?

Barb said...

Great mountain photos, Lisa. Garrett is taller than you! What a treat to have seen the Lynx! I hope it isn't ill - it seems strange that it would be out and about in broad daylight where people are. I wasn't even aware you had a Lynx population there - they reintroduced in Vail several years ago, and I've heard there are have been a few sightings on our mountain in Breckenridge.

Colorado Health Insurance said...

Wow now this is the way I want to go to church. Ok for reals, it is great that you have a church that has a fun and open attitude about worship style! That Lynx is really cool too.