Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

No matter when Easter is, we can count on it being white in Telluride. This is what we woke up to this morning! I tried to get Maralee to wear her boots to church and then change to sandals, but she insisted on wearing her sandals when we left. Savanna and I did not wear dresses. The plan was to have a big Easter egg hunt at the park after church, but we ended up having the egg hunt and picnic downstairs at church.
Maralee's new haircut!

The Blahness of April

April has been kind of a blah month. It snows, the snow melts, and then it snows again. Since we didn't leave for spring break this year, this month has seemed endless. We have had coyotes at the ponds by our condo that are fun to watch! They are preying on the prairie dogs and get honked at by the geese.
The end of ski season was even kind of blah. I took this photo the day before the last day of the season. You can see the grass sticking up through the snow. Of course it dumped a few inches on the actual last day, but after skiing in the slush previously, we didn't even go up one more time.
The kids managed to get out of town to go to Moab for a couple of days with Andy, our friend/youth pastor. This is a photo he took when they went to Navajo Arch in Arches National Park. Andy's iPhone that stitches a panoramic photo, so you can see Savanna and Garrett on both sides. Cool! Of course, I realized I live in an awesome place, so if there is one blah month of the year, it's not that bad!