Friday, June 3, 2011

Colorado National Monument

Jay and I were able to go on Maralee's fourth grade camping trip this week to the Colorado National Monument near Fruita. We had around 65 fourth graders and 27 parents! I think we were all ready to get out of our canyon and spend some time somewhere warmer.
I took this at an overlook in the Saddlehorn Campground. Way down below is the town of Fruita, Colorado.
We had a morning hike up to the Independence Monument, which is about 5 miles round trip. It was a nice, warm hike even with the overcast skies.
Over on the right is the Kissing Couple rock formation.
Independence Monument is 450 feet tall and at the top the elevation is 5,739 feet.
We saw a couple of collared lizards during the hike, and this one was right next to me. The Park Ranger had said she had a group once that didn't think they looked real and gave them the nickname "Made in China."
So we had our first national park visit of the year!! As usual I will probably be doing a lot more blogging in the summer than I do in the winter!


Steve Garufi said...

Ahhhh I miss Colorado National Monument. I must go back!

motoroz said...

What an awesome trip. I have yet to visit Monument park when in Colorado. I need to get there. Love the photo of the lizard.

Lois said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to see more summer adventure pics.