Sunday, June 5, 2011

Telluride Balloon Fest

The balloons didn't launch on Saturday, so I didn't have much hope that they could on Sunday either. I'm happy that I got up at 6:30 to see it Sunday morning because all of the balloons were able to launch! The early morning light is not good for pictures, plus the skies are hazy from the wildfires in New Mexico. I admit my nighttime photos turned out much better than the morning ones. (If you see a lot of spacing between photos, I seem to be having a problem with Blogger.)
Maralee was hoping for a ride, but no one was doing tethered rides. She was able to get in the basket of the Koshare balloon from Gallup. (My favorite!)
Time to deflate!! See you next year, Koshare!


Lois said...

I think the pics turned out great! I would love to be able to see the view of Telluride from up in one of those balloons.

~Cheryl said...

The photos are wonderful, Lisa! Glad your pirate made it again.

I don't mind the space between photos. Didn't know this was a blogger bugger; I simply figured I didn't know how to get them posted correctly. I do get frustrated every so often. :-)

Sedona_Hiker said...

Those are lovely lovely photos! I love hot air balloons. Next to our hiking Sedona trails and canyons, we also have hot air balloon events in Red Rock.