Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jeeping With My Dad

My parents were visiting us for over a week and some of the trails finally opened up so we could take my Dad Jeeping! All of the spring snow delayed some of our favorite trails being able to open. We started out with Ophir Pass. There is still quite a bit of snow at the summit. We also came upon this truck that had a little accident near the summit. I assume they were okay. They left a note on a map that a tow truck was on the way.
We drove through Silverton and stopped at the Animas Forks ghost town. No summer is complete without stopping there!
We drove out of Animas Forks into California Gulch next. This is the Bagley Mill that was used to treat ore from the Frisco Tunnel.
California Pass still has a ton of snow!
I'm really thankful that the San Juan County Road and Bridge Department were able to open these passes in time for my Dad's trip! Jay took this photo and I think he caught Garrett mid-yawn. California Pass is even higher than Engineer Pass, 12,930 feet.
A Texan had been at the summit.
Lake Como is still pretty icy! This is the headwaters of the Uncompahgre River.
A short drive from the summit of California Pass took us to the summit of Hurricane Pass, probably named for the high winds always present in that spot.
The Hurricane Pass summit sign has seen better days! The summit is 12,407 feet.
Unfortunately it was cloudy the whole day, but Corkscrew Gulch was still a beautiful drive between Red Mountains 1 and 2.
Last Dollar Road was the fifth and last trail of the day. It was a good one!

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SedonaHiking said...

The summit view is awesome. Although there still seems to be quite some ice. Back here we're ready again for the hikes. Sedona is usually hot but it's cooled down a bit past days, cloudy too.