Saturday, July 16, 2011

Moose in Animas Forks

I am so excited and shocked to find out there are moose near Animas Forks just up from Silverton! These photos were taken by our friend Anthony Morabito on Thursday. Mama moose and her baby didn't seem to care that there were cars and motorcycles driving close by. Do I feel cheated that I've never seen moose there or anywhere else before? YES! Maybe Anthony is the moose whisperer!


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Piney Woods Runner said...

Love your photo's!! Found this site while I was looking for Handies Peak hikes. My family is going to Lake City in 12 days!! This Texan needs some cooler weather!!

motoroz said...

Way cool! Did not see any Moose when I was up there in 2009. Maybe I will see some next summer.