Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camping in Yellowstone National Park (August 9 Part 2)

After leaving the Tetons, we finally made our way to the Bridge Bay Campground. We originally tried to reserve a site in the Canyon campground, but our tent is so large that we had to have an extra large tent site, and there are none in the Canyon campground. We set up camp on August 9 and didn't leave until August 20. We only wanted to set up camp one time since it is so time consuming. Bridge Bay is $20 a night and the restrooms have flush toilets and sinks, cold water only even in the dishwashing room. There are warm showers and laundry room in the Fishing Bridge campground, but for some reason we always ended up showering and doing laundry up at the Canyon facility. We were in loop D, site 204. I had requested the F loop, but D loop was pretty good where we were. We couldn't actually see the lake except for a tiny sliver through the trees, but it was just a short walk away.

Our cell phones didn't work at the campground. We have T-Mobile and our service was really limited in Yellowstone. We had service around Old Faithful and in the towns of Jackson, Gardiner and West Yellowstones. We also had service in the Tetons and around the lake out at Steamboat Point, which was a surprise. Other cell phones had service in the Canyon and Mammoth areas, just not T-Mobile. I was actually looking forward to everyone having a break from cell phones, but we were also wanting to keep up with the search for our cat going on back home.

I had read that there was a herd of buffalo that would frequently hang around the campground, but they never did while we were there. Probably a good thing since it was the time of their rut. There had also been a grizzly bear visiting the campground, but it had an unfortunate run in with a hiker out on the Storm Point Trail. The hiker survived by throwing his backpack to the bear and since the bear had eaten all of the people food out of the pack, it was determined he would be a danger and the bear was captured and destroyed. This happened the week before we arrived. First walk down to Yellowstone Lake. Jay bought some Vibram FiveFingers barefoot sport shoes. I think they make him look like a creature that crawled out of the lake, but he loves those things. I snapped this photo when we noticed the little flower he was holding perfectly between his toes after walking through the grass.

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Lois said...

I'm not sure what to say about those shoes, but I do like the flower!