Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Day in the Old Faithful Area (August 10)

For our first full day in Yellowstone, it only seemed fitting to spend it viewing Old Faithful and walking on the boardwalks to see the geyers and springs in that area. We walked over 5 miles that day which included the hike up to Observation Point and the rest on the boardwalks. We arrived just a few minutes before Old Faithful erupted. The eruptions were occurring about every 93 minutes that day. I normally don't get excited about geese, but these geese flying above the thermal ground were some of the first wildlife we had seen. We saw zero wildlife in the Tetons and on the drive from Bridge Bay to Old Faithful. We more than made up for that later in the trip.
With over 10,000 geothermal features in Yellowstone National Park, I didn't want to take the time to make notes of every single feature I took a photo of, so some of these I have no idea the name of. Of course, we didn't see all 10,000 of them, but we did see a lot!
Blue Star Spring.
View from Observation Point, a 1.1 mile loop worth hiking, especially to get away from the crowd and to see the Solitary Geyser.
Along the Observation Point trail, you come to the Solitary Geyser which sits above the Upper Geyser Basin. It's a beautiful blue color from the extreme heat and was erupting every 5 to 7 minutes that day.
You can see how important it is to stay on the boardwalks so as not to burn your feet or damage the thermal areas.
Depression Geyser.
I want to say this is Sawmill Geyser, but I'm just not sure. You definitely got splashed as you walked by.
Chromatic Pool.
Grotto Geyser is a great one to watch. It erupts about every eight hours and it was busy splashing, though I'm not sure we actually caught a full display of what it can do.
Morning Glory Pool is a famous spot, and it would be even more magnificent if it hadn't been mistreated by visitors over the years. People have thrown coins, trash and rocks into it which reduced the water circulation and the temperature.
Lastly it was time for Castle Geyser to erupt, and it is a sight! The eruption cycle is every 10-12 hours so I felt fortunate to witness it.


Lois said...

More amazing pictures Lisa! I just love the colors inside the geysers. You wouldn't have to tell me twice to stay on those boardwalks!

motoroz said...

Great photos. They bring back great memories from my trip last summer. Oh, how I want to go back.