Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (August 7)

The first day of the trip we had been planning for months was finally here. Our Siamese cat Samurai became a big part of the story of this vacation, so I am starting out with a photo of him that Savanna took the night before we left. When we were packing up the car the morning we left, Samurai somehow slipped out the front door without us knowing. He has been an indoor cat for 11 years and it was totally unlike him to go outside and not immediately come up to the door. We were pretty far down the road when I had a sinking feeling about not seeing him one last time before we left. It was confirmed by our good friend, Garrett's girlfriend, Sara that Samurai indeed was missing. I'll let you know now that he was found and returned home a week later thanks to Sara's hard work and our neighbors spotting him and grabbing him. We were hoping and praying he would outsmart the coyote that visits the ponds regularly right by our condo. The drive from Telluride to Jackson Hole is beautiful with winding rodes up until Rock Springs, Wyoming. This is a shot I took of the dam in Flaming Gorge. We also had a huge pronghorn (commonly called antelope although they really aren't antelope) cross the road in front of the Jeep as we came out of the gorge. Too bad I didn't have the camera ready for that.
I didn't take many photos that first night in Jackson, admittedly because I was pretty distraught over Samurai missing. I did love the antler arches in town square.
We had great Mexican food that evening at a fun restaurant called Merry Piglets. Unusual name for a Mexican place.

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