Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gibbon Falls and Busted By a Park Ranger (August 15 Part 3)

Since the winter/spring snowpack was so high in Yellowstone, the waterfalls were probably flowing a lot more than the average August. Gibbon Falls overlook is a busy one.
You may have to click on this photo to see the larger version, but notice the guy on the left in the bright orange jacket.
The guy in the orange jacket and his friend had been on the other side of the wall on a large rock taking photos and they got caught by the park rangers. He was scolded pretty badly and the ranger made him look like an idiot. It's kind of funny to watch that after being at the Grand Canyon ealier this year where people pretty much do whatever they want all along the rim, sometimes with accidents and deaths, of course.
It started to rain so we drove to the west entrance and had dinner at Buckaroo Bill's in West Yellowstone. As soon as we had cell service we received texts that Samurai was back at home safe and sound. We definitely had a fun dinner that night, happy and relieved.

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Sandy said...

how on earth can you remember every single name of each mountain, lake, river, pass, etc... you take a photo of? i do good to remember the name of the street that i live on =o(