Monday, August 29, 2011

Horseback Riding in the Canyon Area (August 14)

They say that less than 3% of visitors in Yellowstone go more than 100 yards from the road, and less than 2% ever go into the backcountry, and guess what, 95% of Yellowstone National Park is considered to be backcountry! We not only went on foot into the backcountry, but on a trail ride in the canyon area, facts that the wranglers are very proud of. There are a lot of Uinta ground squirrels around the corral.
Savanna wanted to ride horses on her birthday, but they were booked until the day after, so we just told her we would celebrate her birthday two days in a row. That morning she said, "I want a black horse." She was automatically given a black horse, Coalie, without even requesting one. This girl gets what she wants!
Jay and Bo.
My horse Sandy.
Garrett and Wiley.
Maralee and Mohawk.
I was a little shocked and sad that one of the first rules of the trail ride was "NO CAMERAS." What?! I was perfectly capable of holding my little Sony camera and not dropping it. After all, I ski and take photos at the same time. Rules are rules and I understand that over the years they probably have had to stop too many times to pick up things for people and they said sometimes when things get dropped it startles the horses. So the memories of the 2-hour ride will just have to be kept in our minds.


Barb Vestal said...

Looks like Savanna had a great 2 day birthday!!! Fun!!!

Sandy said...

i must say...that sandy sure was a looker =o)


Barb said...

What are they thinking? No cameras? Happy Birthday to Savanna. She looks great as a cowgirl.