Monday, August 29, 2011

Mud Volcano Area and Bison Fights (August 14 Part 3)

The Sulphur Caldron is one of the most acidic features in the park, said to be as acidic as battery acid or stomach acid. Savanna liked the little Sulphur Caldron vent in the parking lot.
The Dragon's Mouth Spring is one of my favorites in the park. It really does sound like a dragon breathing and seems like something out of an amusement park.
Mud Volcano.
Grizzly Fumarole was pretty tame when we were there.
This buck didn't have a care in the world. I guess he didn't know the bison were fighting just over the hill.
Remember that I said we were there during the bison rut. That morning on our way to the corral we were stopped behind another Jeep and ended up in the middle of a buffalo fight. Two were fighting in the road and the winner ran in front of our Jeep, clipping it with his hip as he ran by. The only damage was a long scratch on the front driver's side fender, but he really shook the Jeep when he hit it! That was exciting, but I didn't have my camera ready in time. That evening as we did this hike in the Mud Volcano area, there were several buffalo right by the trail and there were quite a few people standing around trying to decide if we should continue the trail or not.
These two looked happy and already partnered up.
We obviously all made the right decision to not continue the trail and go back the way we came. These two were fighting on the hillside and one of the bison slid down onto the trail.
The buffalo were getting pretty close to the Mud Geyser.


Lois said...

That bison couple are looking at you like they might want some privacy! It's nice that you were able to get so close.

Barb said...

Great captures and almost too close for comfort during the Bison rut! I bet the children will remember that adventure!