Monday, August 29, 2011

North Rim of the Canyon (August 14 Part 2)

After riding horses, we went to the overlooks at the North Rim that we hadn't been to yet. This is the Brink of the Lower Falls.
We had a good view of the stairs of Uncle Tom's trail that we did on August 11.
Lookout Point.
Canyon spires are a great place for osprey nests. These three chicks are getting pretty big. I think we had seen their mother flying over the canyon earlier.
Steps down to the Grand View overlook.
Another view of the osprey.
This is a nice view of Mount Washburn and the fire outlook tower at the top, our destination later in the week.


Lois said...

More gorgeous pics Lisa! I like that double rainbow in the second shot. I also love seeing the osprey nest with the babies. I've seen osprey at the coast here but never a nest. It's huge!

motoroz said...

Oh the memories. You take great photos. I love the upper and lower falls. I would love to visit during the time you did - sure a lot less people in the park.

Barb said...

That osprey nest looks huge.