Monday, August 1, 2011

Revisiting Balcony House

Maralee and I have toured the Balcony House once before, back in 2009 with her third grade trip. I really wanted the rest of the family to see it. This tour is ranger guided and involves climbing a 32 ft. ladder, crawling through a 12 ft. long tunnel and climbing up a 60 ft. rock face with two ladders to exit the cliff dwelling.
One of the balconies are on the right behind Garrett and Savanna's heads.
Ah, the life of a park ranger. I would love to have that job. I would love it if at least one of my kids chose to be one.
Balcony House has two kivas. The entire cliff dwelling has about 40 (mostly tiny) rooms.
We got down to the Balcony House on a nice sturdy stairway. Getting out wasn't quite as easy. I didn't even get a photo of the tunnel we went through before this point.
This part scares me a little bit more than that ladder we started out with! Super fun!


Barb said...

Fantastic photos, Lisa - esp the last which shows the steepness. Looks kinda hot there. Can you believe summer is soon over?

Sedona_Hiker said...

That was simply awesome! I'd love to visit there one day. I could feel myself shiver looking at heights from your photos. Sedona hiking has its canyons and tunnels as well. But the rock color of Balcony house is a tad paler compared to the red rocks here. :)

motoroz said...

Cliff dwellings are so awesome. It is so amazing what they did. I have not visited the Balcony House, but I sure would like to.

EcoRover said...

This is a great post and makes me want to visit Moab area again in March. We used to Spring Break there when daughter Emily was young, she loved the archaeology (as did I).