Monday, August 29, 2011

Savanna's 14th Birthday (August 13)

At first Savanna wasn't too excited about being away on vacation on her birthday, but we let her pick what to do that day and the next. It was a chilly morning so the girls bundled up and we had birthday candles on Savanna's pancakes. Savanna wanted to go up to the Mammoth area and to Gardiner, Montana. I will put the Mammoth Hot Springs photos in another post since I took so many. There was a lot of buffalo activity in the Mud Volcano area. Savanna now says that buffalo are her favorite North American animal.
Pizza was Savanna's choice for birthday dinner in Gardiner. The food was good and all of the people there were really nice.
You may think it's strange to put candles on pancakes and pizza, but birthday wishes come true if you do. Several days later Savanna told us that she had wished that Samurai would be found and taken home, and that wish came true a couple of days later.
Gardiner is the only year-round entrance to Yellowstone and is where the famous Roosevelt Arch is.

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Barb Vestal said...

A birthday that Savanna will never forget! Awesome pics of the buffalo!!