Thursday, September 1, 2011

Elephant Back Mountain (August 16 Part 3)

We had time for one more hike in the Yellowstone Lake area that day, and hiking Elephant Back Mountain sounded fun. It's a 3.6 mile loop with an elevation gain of only 800 feet in 1.5 miles, still a very tame hike compared to what we are used to in Telluride.
This part of the lodgepole pine forest didn't burn in the fires in 1988, so these trees are 200-300 years old.
There was obsidian scattered on the trail. This picture doesn't show it, but it was really pretty and shiny. Maralee loved it but was good and didn't take a black shiny rock for a keepsake. Elephant Back Mountain is part of an old lava flow.
The view from the top at 8,600 feet.
Zooming in on Stevenson Island. The back of the Lake Hotel.
We could see Steamboat Point yet again.
Time to hike down through that obvious old lava flow.
I remember we were sure to make lots of noise through this part of the forest. Seems like a creepy place to have a bear encounter.
We had missed the real peak of the wildflowers, so I took what photos I could of them.

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Sedona_Hiker said...

Very nice hike. Loved the volcanic trail. I don't think there's one like it in any of the Sedona trails here in AZ. But there's a lava tube cave at Flagstaff. Just thinking.

Anyway, I also thought that part of the forest a bit creepy. Glad to know there's wasn't a real bear encounter. Loved the view of Stevenson Island.