Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fountain Paint Pots Trail and Firehole Canyon (August 19 Part 6)

The Fountain Paint Pots trail in the Lower Geyser Basin was our last geothermal area to visit. I'm getting tired just remembering how we all felt that afternoon after almost two weeks of camping. First up was the Celestine Pool. I think this pool is beautiful, but like many areas in the park it has a creepy story. Jay bought the book, "Death in Yellowstone," and thank goodness he didn't read it until after we got home. In 1981 a Great Dane jumped into Celestine and his distraught owner followed by diving in to save him. The temperature of this pool stays around 200 degrees, so I'm sure you can guess how that story ended. It is an interesting book, but I definitely recommend only reading after a trip there. Silex Pool.
None of my photos really captured the bubbling Fountain Paint Pots very well.
Clepsydra Geyser.
Jelly Geyser.
I only took a couple of photos of the Firehole Canyon. It is well worth the short drive. The water levels were still so high that the swimming area above the falls still wasn't open as of August 19. I don't know if that area opened at all this summer.
Firehole Falls.
We made it up to the Museum of the National Park Ranger five minutes too late. This museum closes at 5 p.m. We'll have to catch that one next time.

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