Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grand Tetons Again and Going Home (August 20)

We packed up camp and left Yellowstone and headed back to Grand Teton National Park. We hadn't stopped at the Colter Bay before and we had enough time to go to the Visitor Center and Indian Arts Museum.
Willow Flats Overlook.
We walked a little while on the trail around String Lake.
This was my last shot of the Tetons. I put my camera up after this. I had been wearing it around my neck the majority of the past two weeks! We drove to Pinedale, Wyoming and stayed at the Best Western that night, a nice way to end a camping trip with a hot tub and indoor swimming pool. We got home about 12 hours before the first day of school and our cat was so happy to see us!


Lois said...

What a wonderful trip! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures Lisa. I really enjoyed them!

Sedona_Hiker said...

Loved your pics of the mountains. All the grandeur and exhilaration. Pretty much the same feeling evoked by the mountains surrounding a Sedona trail in AZ. :) Always enjoy your account of your hikes and trips.

Kelly L said...

Beautiful pictures - we visited Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons a few years back - stayed in Jackson Hole one day - loved that area - loved the river running through Jackson Hole - and all the beautiful Bald Eagles.. You don't see that in So. Cal...
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Steffe said...

Wow, fantastic sceneries here, must have been a great trip.