Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jay and Garrett's Backcountry Camp (August 17-18)

Jay and Garrett had a plan to camp backcountry in Yellowstone one night and their hike began near the summit of Mount Washburn. When the girls and I headed down the trail, he and Garrett started the trail from Mount Washburn to Canyon.
The beginning of the trail has a very steep descent, 2,000 feet down in 2.5 miles without switchbacks. You can see how the whitebark pine become so short and twisted at this elevation, around 10,000 feet.
They saw a few bighorn sheep along the way.
View of the Canyon.
They stayed in backcountry campsite 4E1. Permits are available at the backcountry rangers offices and are free, first come first serve. There are food poles to hang food and other scented items such as toiletries out of reach of bears.
The next morning when hiking out the peak of Mount Washburn came into view.
Backcountry geothermal area.
The trail took Jay and Garrett to the Canyon rim and came out at the Glacial Boulder area and then they walked to the Canyon Village where the girls and I were waiting at the Visitor Center. The hike was 11.5 miles total from the Mount Washburn trail to the end of the trail the next morning.

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Barb said...

What a rugged hike with great views. Glad no close encounters with bears!