Thursday, September 1, 2011

Storm Point Trail (August 16 Part 2)

We thought the Storm Point Trail was one of the best short hikes in the park, definitely the best hike in the lake area. The trail makes a 2.3 mile loop starting out in the valley, leading into the forest and then to a bluff overlooking Yellowstone Lake. The trail goes right by Indian Pond. This area is closed often due to bear activity. One hiker encountered a grizzly bear on this trail in August and threw his backpack to the bear. Since the bear ate all of the food in the backpack, the rangers decided the bear would associate people with food so the bear was captured and put down. This was a case where bear spray probably would have worked and the grizzly would still be alive and the hiker would have escaped uninjured anyway.
There is a marmot living in this part of the rocks. We came face to face when I climbed up and we scared each other!
No words needed.
There were three marmots down the trail watching us. One thing we noticed is that all of the marmots in Yellowstone were silent. I never heard a single one make a noise. When we see them during hikes in our area, they are constantly making loud chirping noises. Maralee does a pretty good marmot chirp and tried to communicate with these guys, but all they did was stop and stare at her.
After the hike we had a picnic lunch out at Steamboat Point.
Steamboat Point wasn't very steamy while we were there, so I'll show you the flowers instead.
Looking down at Steamboat Point from the Lake Butte Overlook.

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