Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ski Season!

Ski season began on Thanksgiving Day. Savanna made it up there five days in a row, but Maralee and I didn't go up until Sunday. Garrett is always way ahead of me. Any good photos I get of him have to be planned ahead.
Maralee skiing silly and Jay skiing serious.
I took this picture of Savanna from the lift. She and her friends are happy that a small terrain park was created for opening weekend.


Barb said...

Great family ski photos, Lisa! I like your outfit and Maralee looks so cute.

EcoRover said...

Glad to see winter come around again, have fun on the hill!

Sedona Trails said...

Those family photos are sweet! Wish we could do skiing on Cathedral Rock or on a Sedona trail LOL!

Spiky said...

i just love your post. completely new to me. can we exchange links? happy new year!!!