Monday, June 18, 2012

Hope Lake

Today was our first hike up to Hope Lake, way above Trout Lake.  The sign at the trailhead shows 3.5 miles, but it's actually only 2.5 miles to the first view of the lake.
The trail steadily climbs from 10,800 feet to the lake at 11,900 feet above sea level.

Looking over at the Wilsons and El Diente with Lizard Head Peak in the center.

Trout Lake comes into view.  Lizard Head and Wilson Peak are still seen on the left.

Big patch of snow with Vermilion Peak in the background.

Hope Lake with the pointy San Miguel Peak right of center.

Jay and Garrett hiked on up where the trail continues on to the South Mineral Creek Drainage on the Silverton side just to see what the other side looked like.  We are hoping to get over there to do the Ice Lakes hike this summer.

I'm in this photo, tiny down there in the green grass.

It was a warm day to spend the afternoon in the alpine tundra.  The snowpack in Colorado has melted too quickly this summer and we need rain pretty desperately in the entire state.  The one good thing is that the weather has been so nice to get out and hike.

There were a few shady places on the trail where we did have to hike through snow, though!


SandBilly said...

Great pics! Thanks Lisa. Wishing for the rain!

Lois said...

So pretty Lisa! What a beautiful day. I especially like the pictures of the lake where the sun is shimmering on the water.