Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunny Day For Imogene Pass

Yesterday we had a great time on Imogene Pass, super warm and the road on the San Miguel County side is in such good shape that we made it to the summit in less than an hour.

Even from this far away I could see that the flow of Bridal Veil Falls is much less than a couple of weeks ago.

Dry and sunny at the ghost town of Tomboy.

Marmot couple.

The summit sign is missing for some reason. It should be on the post in front of the motorcycle. 13,114 feet.

My favorite view of the Red Mountains. Red Mountain Pass, highway 550, is way down there. It's funny that when driving on Red Mountain Pass it seems you are way up in the mountains.

Camp Bird Mine.


Lois said...

I love the name of Imogene Pass, mainly because one of my favorite aunts was named Imogene. I always enjoy your beautiful pictures Lisa! Thanks for sharing.

DaveO said...

Beautiful Lisa! It's also good to see snow still lingering on the shady sides, especially since i only see the sunnysides from my angle :-)