Friday, July 6, 2012

Silver Lake

Earlier this week we hiked up to Silver Lake, high above Bridal Veil Falls.  The elevation gain is almost 1700 feet in 1.5 miles.  I mostly just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  We parked near the house at the top of Bridal Veil Falls, and walked about 10 minutes to get to the trailhead, an obvious clearing on the right after crossing Bridal Veil Creek.

I have never been able to find detailed pictures of the trail on the internet, but I had read descriptions that some short sections were "extreme."  We did find this to be true.
Looking down at Black Bear Pass and the Black Bear Mine, I noticed a truck on the trail.

In another cleared spot we were looking down again at Black Bear Pass, and the house/power plant at the top of Bridal Veil Falls.

After what felt like a long 1.5 miles, we finally reached Silver Lake at 11,788 feet.  The rumors about the trout in this lake are true. We saw several huge ones swimming around.

I had my camera out to take more photos of the trail on the way down.  There were a few steep loose dirt areas, steep enough that Jay, Garrett and I all slipped and fell.  Thankfully no injuries.

That's Garrett looking down at the trail that leads to Blue Lake.

Some spots were steep, rocky and through the brush.

Even though Garrett didn't use hiking poles, Jay and I were glad we had ours.

Bridal Veil Creek, above the falls.

We did it!


Lois said...

I'm a little tired just looking at the pictures! They are beautiful.

Barb said...

Great pics. Lisa. That looks like a break your leg kinda trail. The older I get, the more I use my poles.

Jeanne Walker said...

Hey there, Lisa! Discovered your blog today. I 'googled' bighorn sheet in ouray, co; and clicking through the sites that came up, I discovered your blog. My husband and I are retired and in our early to late sixties, and we have been in and out of Durango for several years. We have been blessed to be to spend quantity time as well as quality time in the Durango area the past 2 summers. We just got back 10 days ago after spending almost 2 months north of Durango camping in our new fifth wheel. We love the San Juans. Over the last two summers, we were able to do a few of the jeep trails and passes. I am loving your blog because we are unable to hike, but you have given us the opportunity through your words and photos to 'go with' you!!! I am loving all of the lakes that I didn't know existed 'up there'. We traveled over the Last Dollar Road from the Ridgway side to Telluride this summer...and I was looking forward to going back at the end of September for the color. However we had to leave earlier than planned and we missed it. But through your photos you took with your daughters, I was able to see what it would have looked like. Thanks and will be following you through the fall and winter and into the future! Jeanne Walker, Cypress, TX