Monday, January 14, 2013

Sheep Surprise

Saturday morning as we were on our way to Maralee's basketball game in Norwood, we had a nice surprise of a herd of bighorn sheep along highway 145 just this side of Sawpit.  I knew the sheep are spotted down valley sometimes, but I had never spotted a single one in that area before.  It was a dark and dreary morning and the temperature was about -12 degrees, but I did my best and got some shots I'm happy with.  I already put a few pictures on my other blog, but here I am sharing all of my best shots.

This one is particularly funny because I didn't even notice the deer hanging around until I looked at my photos later.  When there is a ram around, I generally don't pay much attention to the ewes.

We were a few minutes late to Maralee's basketball game, but it was exciting that they won their first game!