Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hope Lake

Maralee and I got out for one of my favorite hikes today, Hope Lake, also known as Lake Hope.  New trailhead sign this year!!

I was happy to be in the wildflowers.

A couple of dogs were swimming in the lake when we got there.

I brought along my new favorite hiking guide for our area, Southwest Colorado High Country Day Hikes Telluride by Anne and Mike Poe.  I met them at their book signing at Between the Covers.  They are super nice people and have written a wonderful hiking guide, full of beautiful photos, great maps and a rating system to help you find a hike with the distance and views you desire. Please visit their website Take a Hike Guide Books for more information on how to purchase their books.  We also own the books for Ouray/Silverton and Moab.

Wildflowers and Vermillion Peak.  I like the yellow only view below, too.


The lake was really full compared to last year when we were up there in late June (next photo below).  All of the snow has melted now and really filled in the lake.  Of course, they are probably not letting much water out that runs down to Trout Lake as the draining of Trout Lake is currently happening, as you will see below.

The photo above was taken today, and you can see the shrinking Trout Lake.  The photo below was taken last year in late June when Trout lake was pretty full.


Trout Lake is being drained as part of a project on the gate and pipe system that controls the flow of water out of the lake.  The water flows to the Ames Hydroelectric Plant in Ophir.  It is a strange site to see, and probably won't happen again in my lifetime.

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Barb said...

Lisa I would have loved to be on this hike with you and Maralee. Lots of wildflowers. I just love the pink Paintbrush - we have lots of them on Peak 8.